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Why People Choose Us?

CAZMED Healthcare provides customer-focused Revenue Cycle Management models.

We are operating Healthcare RCM services and training in various Healthcare Domains (i.e Coding, AR). As an Organization, we can support all specialties from end to end in Healthcare services with our strong technical expertise. We are committed to creating true partnerships that deliver on the goals of every healthcare company we serve.

We offer our internal training program for new coders and also provides ongoing training and quality assurance for our coding employees. All our Coders are continuously monitored against internal and industry-standard benchmarks to ensure clean claim submission and to mitigate compliance exposure for our clients.


We Here To Care CAZMED will

  • Conduct high-accuracy diagnostic coding.
  • Ensure medical records are complete and accurate based on Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) guidelines.
  • Verify risk-adjusted codes and documentation based on industry standards.
  • Provide assessment of documentation based on M.E.A.T. criteria.
  • With our CAZMED auditing team you can have confidence in the accuracy, quality